Responsibility in action:
Tyczka Energy Foundation

The non-profit Tyczka Energy Foundation promotes research into sustainable energy solutions. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Tyczka, as the main shareholder of the Tyczka Group, set up the Foundation in 1999 to make a personal contribution.

Close to our hearts

The awareness that the future depends on resolving important energy issues is the basis for the involvement of the Foundation. The Tyczka Energy Foundation is therefore particularly committed to:

  • Research in the fields of energy generation, energy technology and energy utilisation
  • Research in the area of industrial gases
  • The development of a more environmentally friendly energy supply
  • Meaningful measures to protect the environment

The Foundation promotes individuals, companies and institutions that contribute to ensuring a sustainable energy supply for future generations through their ideas and projects. This includes:

  • Funding research projects 
  • Awarding grants to young scientists and engineers 
  • Awarding grants to visiting professors 
  • Presenting the Dr. Tyczka Energy Award
  • Organising symposia, information and training events and publications in specific research areas.

Foundation staff

Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Tyczka, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Klein, Board of Trustees, representative of the Technische Universität München
Prof. Dr.-Ing.Tobias Zschunke, Board of Trustees, representative of the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
as well as the members of the Advisory Council of Tyczka Verwaltungs GmbH and a descendant of Mr Josef Tyczka, born 16.09.1862 in Radzionkow, Upper Silesia  


Dr. Frank Götzelmann, Chairman
Sieglinde Tyczka

The current endowment fund is 1 million EUR; the total volume of funding since foundation is around 400,000 EUR.

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To the funded projects

  • Sieglinde Tyczka
  • Sieglinde Tyczka
  • „Scientific work is of particular importance when it comes to energy
  • because research and innovation secure our future.“