Tyczka Gase – because mobility gets things moving

The complex processes involved in supplying customers on time, efficiently and economically by rail require a high level of expertise, safety and technical standards. Tyczka Gase fulfils these high requirements for transporting LPG

Hiring tank wagons

A skilled team manages the hiring out of pressurised tank wagons across Europe. This central coordination simplifies complex processes in order to ensure a high level of technology, safety and reliability. The standard of quality is guaranteed by ECM certification (entity in charge of maintenance).

Tyczka Gase is the right partner for hiring modern pressurised tank wagons from placing the order right through to on-time delivery.

Key data: 

  • Founded in 1965 as TTG Tyczka Transport-Gesellschaft mbH, re-branded as Tyczka Gase GmbH, TG, in 2013. 
  • Company headquarters: Icking
  • Specialist in the hiring out of pressurised tank wagons for transporting LPG
  • Core markets: Germany and Europe
  • State-of-the-art tank wagons and carriages with volumes from 95 cbm to 120 cbm
  • Certified as an ECM (entity in charge of maintenance) in accordance with EU directive 2004/49/EC and EU regulation no. 445/2011.
  • Founding member of the CRSC association for interested parties in matters relating to goods vehicles
  • We are able to use the RSRD² (rolling stock reference database) wagon management system to provide our hire customers with direct online access to essential wagon data

Postal address:
Tyczka Gase GmbH
Blumenstraße 5
82538 Geretsried, Germany