Sustainability declaration of the Tyczka Group

The guiding principle of sustainability is to permanently ensure the economic foundations for prosperity. The pursuit of economic, ecological and social objectives are of equal importance. Future generations should not have to endure worse conditions than those of us alive today. We are becoming increasingly aware of these challenges.

Identifying and promoting alternatives

The finite nature of non-renewable energy sources – fossil fuels – is a fact that cannot be denied. This is why we work to unlock the potential for saving energy and increasing efficiency and why we are engaged in relevant projects. Existing Tyczka Energy Foundation contacts with two renowned technical universities (Technischen Universität München and the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz) are very helpful in this area. Nevertheless, taking successful, autonomous action for sustainable development also requires a good measure of idealism. We are convinced that our employees live by the Tyczka Group's sustainability declaration. This means our future is secured, we retain our competitive edge and we can fly the flag for sustainability.

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