The Tyczka Group gets involved

In keeping with our sense of corporate responsibility, Tyczka is an active member of leading national and international associations.

We are an active member in the following associations:

Scientific involvement through the Tyczka Energy Foundation

Tyczka promotes sustainability and efficiency for future generations through the commitment of the Tyczka Energy Foundation and the Dr. Tyczka Energy Award, which is awarded annually for outstanding work in the field of environmentally friendly energy supply and innovative applications.

Social involvement: "the good deed"

For almost 50 years, Tyczka employees have been donating money to charitable causes during the Christmas season. The amount collected is doubled by the company. "The good deed" is used to benefit children or adults in need or charitable organisations.
In the past, this campaign has been used to support organisations in Germany and Austria. Some of the organisations to benefit from the scheme include the Haunersche children's hospital/Großhadern clinic in Munich for research into children's cancer, the Geretsried-Wolfratshauser Tafel e.V. food charity, the Inselhaus Eurasburg für Kinder- und Jugendhilfe, which promotes the welfare of children and young people, the Peter Escher foundation for children with cancer in Leipzig and research into children's cancer in Innsbruck, Austria.