Vision and principles

A sense of responsibility, independence and self-reliance. For the Tyczka Group, these basic business principles mean seizing opportunities, weighing up risks, exploiting synergies and finding innovative improvements.

To secure these goals, we will continue to develop our profitable and fast-growing portfolio of companies in the business areas of energy and industrial gases across global markets. 

For us, our aspiration to be one of the best is also linked to our responsibility towards future generations. This image of ourselves includes consistently meeting high demands that are placed on us with respect to safety and environmental protection.

  • We adhere to laws and regulations and are always a reliable, ethical trading partner.
  • Our cooperation is dictated by respect and trust.
  • We are committed to equal opportunities and reject any form of discrimination.

The following guidelines are the basis of our business activities and are mutually agreed by all companies in the Tyczka Group

  • Our employees are key to our success.
  • We do everything we can to ensure that our employees make an enthusiastic and responsible contribution to the company's success. 
  • Our cooperation is based on mutual respect, trust, cooperative collaboration, open communication, transparency and participation. We encourage honest feedback. We agree on clear, ambitious and realistic goals. Curiosity and a self-critical attitude drive us forward.
  • We learn from mistakes and convert them into success. Our employees and managers are selected based on the following skills: knowledge, leadership and social skills, and conduct in accordance with our guidelines. We prefer to choose our specialists and managers from our own ranks.
  • We develop and maintain long-term partnerships with our customers and business partners.
  • We inspire with expertise, reliability and innovation – creating the basis for trusting and successful cooperation.
  • We generate sustainable income as a basis for lasting, profitable growth.
  • A constant and open exchange of information and adherence to high safety standards form the basis for trust. Sustainable income ensures a willingness to invest and guarantees jobs.
  • Innovation is the basis of our leading position in the market.
  • Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Tyczka
  • Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Tyczka
  • "The major source of the success is the staff.
  • It is thanks to their readiness to join in with enthusiasm, to work with dedication and to take the company forward through creative cooperation that TYCKZA is in a position to look back over ninety years of progress and look forward to a successful future.“